Strafford Farms, the home of three great restaurants.

    The Loft, The Back 40 Grille and Ice Cream,

and Strafford Farms Restaurant.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream and Desserts

Brownie Sundae- A warm brownie serverd with choice of ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry.
Strawberry Shortcake
- A buttermilk biscuit topped with strawberries and choice of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream

Banana Splits
- We start with a whole banana then add ice cream, toppings, whipped cream or marshmallow and cherries
Small 5.95      Large 6.95
- Hot fudge, Strawberries, Hot Butterscotch, Maple Walnut, Pineapple, Blueberry, Caramel Fudge, Apple and Spice, and Chocolate Syrup
Choice of ice cream flavor, whipped cream or marshmallow and a cherry.
Small 3.95  Large 4.75

Ice Cream Cones
Kids  2.15

One Scoop    2.90
Two Scoop    3.90
Three Scoop    4.40
Served in Cup, Plain Cone, Sugar Cone, or Waffle Cone(add .75)
Waffle dipped in Chocolate and Jimmies( add 1.30)

Jimmies(rainbow or chocolate) 0.25 extra

Homemade Ice Cream Flavors
Vanilla    Toasted Walnut Fudge   Chocolate

M&M   Chocolate Coconut   Heath Bar 
Kahlua   Mint Chocolate Chip   Butter Pecan
Strawberry   Orange Pineapple   Frozen Pudding
Coffee   Red Raspberry Chip   Butter Crunch
Pistachio   Black Raspberry   Chocolate Chip
Grapenut   Mocha Brownie   Maple Walnut
French Vanilla   Mocha Chip
Cookies and Cream   Cookie Dough

Soft Serve
Vanilla, Chocolate, or Twist

Sugar Free Ice Cream
Black Raspberry and Coffee

Homemade Sherberts
Orange   Lemon   Raspberry

Vanilla   Strawberry   Chocolate Peanut Butter   Black Raspberry Chip

Flavored Soft Serve
One size only 2.49
Amaretto   Blackberry   Blueberry
Cotton Candy   Espresso   Orange
Apricot   Peanut Butter   Pi
ña Colada
Peach   Butter Pecan   Coconut  
Lemon   Black Cherry   Pistachio Nut
Tutti Frutti   Banana   Black Raspberry
Cheesecake   Cr
ème de Menthe   Maplenut
Rum   German Chocolate   Strawberry

Farm Flurries
Mix in your favorite topping 0.85 each
Cookie crumbs, M&M, Gummy Bears, Reese's Pieces, Heath Bar, Butterfingers, Snickers, Walnuts, Whoppers

in cup only 0.85
any of the above on Hard or Soft Serve Ice Cream



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